Tesla Chief Musk Before The Judge Because He Called British Diver ‘Paedo’

Tesla Chief Musk before the Judge because he called British diver ‘Paedo.’ Tesla CEO Elon Musk has to appear definitively before the judge for defamation.


He called the British diver Vernon Unsworth a paedophile last year.

Unsworth played a role in rescuing the group of Thai children who were trapped in a cave last year.

The CEO of Tesla called Unsworth on Twitter a “paedo guy”. He elaborated on this allegation.

The judge charges the Musk that he did not leave it at the tweet but made it appear as if he could substantiate his statement with facts.

Musk made the statements after Unsworth criticised his plan to save the group of Thai footballers with a “kid-sized” submarine.

It is not the first time that Musk has been charged with his tweets.

Last year he claimed to take Tesla off the stock market on Twitter.

The money for that would already be ready.

Tesla’s share increased as a result of 13.3 percent.

For this he arranged with the American stock market watchdog SEC;

 Tesla and Musk paid 40 million dollars and resigned as chairman of the board.

Also, since then, without approval from Tesla’s legal team,

 Musk is no longer allowed to send tweets about his company’s financial affairs.

The Los Angeles court will review the Unsworth-Musk case on October 22.

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