Ziggo Raises Rates For Internet, Telephone And TV Subscriptions

Ziggo Raises rates for Internet, Telephone and TV Subscriptions. Ziggo will increase the rates for multiple subscriptions from 1 July.


Most packages are made on average 2.50 euros more expensive per month.

Provider Ziggo has informed customers by email about the price increases.

The company says the increase is required for investments to “keep the connection fast, reliable and secure.

Working on tomorrow’s network is needed to cope with the massive growth in usage and data,” the company says.

Ziggo raises the monthly subscription prices for All-in-1 packages and TV + Internet packages by 2.50 euros.

The prices of individual internet subscriptions are also rising.

The Internet Complete package increases the most at 2.95 euros per month.

Call costs are also rising
In addition to subscriptions for internet and television, the Volop Bellen subscription also goes up in price.

This subscription can only be used if the customer has a Fixed Call or All-in-1 subscription. With this package,

 people do not have to pay extra for calling a mobile number.

At Volop Bellen, the amount increases by 1 euro per month.

Within the Netherlands, the starting rate and the minute rate increase by 1 cent.

The price for calls to fixed and mobile is standard 23 cents per minute.

The starting amount of 12 cents is cancelled, as well as the 25 cents surcharge for calling mobile numbers.

The prices apply to all Ziggo customers.

At the end of March, Ziggo increased the speeds of its internet subscriptions by 25 percent.

The provider stated at the time that subscription prices were not adjusted.

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