Microsoft is Once Again Testing Ads in Windows 11

Microsoft is again placing advertisements in a test version of Windows 11. The company has been trying to discover where such messages can be found in the operating system.

A Twitter user noticed that an advertisement for Microsoft 365 appears on the settings page of Windows 11. The page shows how much of your OneDrive is in use, accompanied by an ad for the paid office suite.

To be clear, this is not the public version of Windows 11 but a test version (Dev channel build 23451, to be precise). But functions in such a version can continue to the general version. For example, last year, a user noticed advertisements in Internet Explorer.

Later that year, Albacore also discovered that Windows 11 displayed an advertisement in the shutdown menu. There, too, it was about promoting Microsoft’s own services. Then someone from Microsoft responded by saying things are being tested.

Microsoft seems to be testing the limits of what it can offer and how users react to it. Microsoft has evolved its strategy from selling products to services over the past decade. At the same time, it has been offering its operating system for consumers for free since Windows 10 in most cases.

Advertisements, albeit only for their own services at the moment, can be a way to offset income or to earn more from paying services.

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