China Blocks Wikipedia In All Available Languages

China blocks Wikipedia in all available Languages. China has blocked Wikipedia in all available languages, the Wikimedia Foundation announced in a statement on Tuesday.


“The Wikimedia Foundation established at the end of April that Wikipedia is no longer accessible in China.

After a close analysis, we can confirm that Wikipedia is currently (in China, ed.) Blocked in all languages,”

 stated the organisation that the online manages an encyclopedia.

Previously, the country only blocked the Chinese-language version of Wikipedia.

This censorship has now been extended to other languages of the website.

It is unclear whether there is a direct reason for the blockade.

The Chinese search giant Baidu also manages its online encyclopedia that can be adapted by citizens: Baike.

The encyclopedia, just like Wikipedia, claims to be free,

 but critics point out that censorship is applied to the website not to upset the Chinese Communist Party.

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