Tiktok Risks Millions in Fine From British Privacy Watchdog

The social media company TikTok risks a multimillion-dollar fine from the British privacy watchdog ICO. The company allegedly violated rules protecting children’s data.

It concerns a fine of 27 million pounds. For example, the ICO reports that TikTok probably allowed minors to access the platform without their parental consent. The privacy authority said it would “carefully consider TikTok’s statements before making a final decision.”

TikTok is under a magnifying glass across Europe over concerns about the data of minors. Those would not be safe on social media platforms. In July, TikTok withdrew a plan to offer users targeted advertising. This happened after European regulators raised concerns about user privacy.

An Irish investigation into the matter is in its final stages. That research focuses on processing children’s personal data and sending the personal data of European TikTok users to China.

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