Iran Army and Secret Service Warn Protesters

The Iranian military has strongly warned protesters who have taken to the streets for the past week not to endanger the country’s security.

“We will not allow the enemy to take advantage of the situation.” The Secret Service also warned against participating in “illegal gatherings”.

The day before, the security forces had already been ordered to crush the nationwide protests. The demonstrations follow the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who died last week after the vice squad arrested her for violating the Islamic dress code.

Police deny using violence. Since then, thousands of people have demonstrated in numerous cities against the regime’s repressive course. According to activists, 36 civilians have been killed by police brutality.

It was announced that a prominent activist and journalist had been arrested on Friday. This Majid Tavakoli played a key role in exposing Amini’s case. Other journalists have also been arrested.

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