The Ultimate Guide for Backpacking Thailand on a Budget

Thailand is a beautiful country in South Asia with all its myriad landscapes, the riveting island life, and the rich and authentic Asian culture. All of these specialities about Thailand make it more appealing and captivating for any traveller to give it a shot. But before you decide to go there to travel, you must consider your options. Thailand has one of the most established backpacking trails stretched all over the country, uniting many islands in a long and connected belt.

Therefore, it is the best course of action to go with backpacking through Thailand; it is cheap and more effective to reach farthest destinations while travelling solo. But even if you have chosen the channel through which you are going to travel through Thailand there are a lot of factors that need to be accounted for like your budget.

If you are also backpacking Thailand on a budget then we suggest that you take a look at the guide below;

1. Use Couchsurfing to make the most out of your trip
Being a traveller is no easy game; there are a lot of expenses that need to be dealing with like tickets, reservations, foods, and whatnot.

But when we talk about Thailand, there are a few ways that can help you save a considerable amount of financials, for instance, the Couchsurfing. Couchsurfing is actually a social networking service that allows the travellers to arrange homestays, benefit from lodging and join various local events while on a budget.

It is a great way to save your money and on the bright side be able to meet the locals, explore a bit more about the Thailand culture and have a great time experiencing several stays over a variety of places including some islands as well.

2. Cook your own meal
When the residence has been accounted for the next thing on your plate that can seriously degrade you from a lot of money is the food.

No doubt Thailand is an economic country, and you can find a variety of budget-related options at restaurants or local food places, but still, these options might not be available everywhere you go for instance over an island where food is the most expensive item.

Since you are backpacking, then it would be easier to carry a utensil or two that way you will be able to cook your own food lighting a fire and arranging a few perishable and natural ingredients that will come really cheap.

3. Don’t feel coy while haggling
In the various island hopping tours Thailand, you will come about a simple point that doesn’t be afraid with bargaining over some product or random item. Thailand is home to a lot of nationals, and every one of them is incorporated in the local markets, malls and variety of shops in one way or the other.

This brings you with an opportunity to haggle over anything that you might be interested in, remember one thing the prices are not fixed there so you can easily talk your way out of any specific item on sale.

Don’t be nervous or feel shy while striking a deal, this way the locals will consider you a natural hiker or backpacker and will be more than happy to cooperate in any way possible and on the bright side you will be able to save a lot of money.

4. Hitchhike through Thailand
In Thailand, it is effortless to fix a ride and locals are more than happy to help the international backpackers and travellers.

Therefore, be supportive of the idea that you can use the hitchhiking facility whenever you need and it will help to keep your transport costs down so that you can spend the money over more exciting experiences over Thailand.

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