Tesla Popular On The Stock Market After Record Deliveries

Tesla Popular on the Stock market after Record deliveries in the Second Quarter. The share of the electric car manufacturer Tesla opened considerably higher on Wednesday.


Tesla announced Tuesday after trading that the company had delivered a record number of vehicles in the second quarter.

The stock rose by 6.6 percent to around 4.45 dollar (212.60 dollars) at around 4.45 pm.

Since the beginning of April to the end of June, Tesla delivered a total of 95,200 vehicles.

Analysts counted on average 89,084 vehicles delivered.

The group delivered 77,500 Model 3s, more than the 73,144 deliveries that analysts had expected.

Model 3 is the most important model for Tesla.

The news was a stroke of luck for CEO Elon Musk.

This year, in the first quarter, Tesla still had to deal with disappointing deliveries and a loss of no less than 702 million dollars.

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