Spain Wants to Receive Foreign Tourists Again at the End of June

Foreign tourism in Spain will be “restarted from the end of June”. This is what Transport Minister José Luis Ábalos said on Spanish TV.


He wants to look at the state of health in the country where people come from and where tourists in Spain want to go. He also said that the Spaniards are allowed to travel outside their own province.

Ábalos said the authorities are preparing to monitor and manage tourism. First of all, he sees many opportunities for the Balearic and Canary Islands, for example, because “the state of health is very positive”.

The minister did not say exactly what he has in mind but says he will come up with concrete plans very quickly.

The current state of emergency declared due to the coronavirus will be extended once more for two weeks if the parliament approves it.

It is assumed that this will be the last time for the time being. The exceptional situation will then expire at the end of June.

The tourism sector accounts for 12 percent of the Spanish economy and wants the restrictions to end quickly. In any case, the sector would suffer losses of between EUR 90 and 125 billion this year, even if the government allows foreign tourism back in late June.

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