The United Kingdom Has Set Out Its New Trade Strategy

The United Kingdom has set out its new trade strategy, which will apply after the ties with the European Union are severed.


Many import tariffs that currently apply to several foreign products will then be cancelled. Trade barriers for agriculture and the car industry remain virtually unchanged.

Christmas trees, dishwashers and freezers from around the world will be able to enter Britain from next year without import tariffs, the UK Department of Commerce said.

The current import tariffs will continue to apply for beef, lamb and chicken meat. For cars, the import tariff remains 10 percent.

The British still want to conclude a trade deal with the EU before 1 January 2021. Then the new trading strategy starts.

Ultimately, about 60 percent of the trade should not be subject to an import tariff, according to the ministry. This is currently the case for just under half of all merchandise.

The aim is to set up a few trade barriers with the EU as well. However, more work is expected to properly process incoming goods at the border in the systems.

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