New Zealand is Thinking About A Four-Day Working Week

In New Zealand, the idea of a four-day working week is gaining ground to boost the economy, which has been buffeted by the corona crisis.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was also won over by the idea and encouraged employers in her country to think about the introduction of the four-day working week and other flexible working models.

Many New Zealanders have told her that they would travel more domestically if they had more flexible working hours, Ardern said after visiting the tourist attraction of Rotorua.

New Zealand asset manager Perpetual Guardian caused a stir worldwide in 2018 when the company introduced the four-day working week.

According to the company founder, the model could be a solution to help the New Zealand economy recover after the corona pandemic.

The switch has made employees happier and more productive, and their mental and physical health has been boosted, it says.

The tourism industry in New Zealand has been hit amidships by the corona crisis. The country’s borders are still closed, while many New Zealanders tighten the waist belt ever more closely.

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