South Korea Arrests First Foreigner for Quarantine Violation

The South Korean police first arrested a foreigner who did not follow the quarantine rules.


The 23-year-old Japanese had to isolate himself for 14 days after arriving in the country, but according to the authorities, he nevertheless went out.

Among other things, he visited restaurants and cafes.

The man entered the country in early May and tested negative for the coronavirus at the airport. However, it is still mandatory to quarantine for two weeks.

The police say that images from surveillance cameras and payment data from the Japanese showed that he broke the rules in eight out of fourteen days. The man is still in prison and has to appear in court.

In South Korea, 11,122 infections with the coronavirus have so far been diagnosed, and 264 patients died. The country eased the lockdown in early May as the virus outbreak appeared to be under control.

The authorities were later forced to take new measures when the virus started to take over again. Numerous new infections were linked to a famous entertainment district in the capital.

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