Iran: Liberating Palestine is the Islamic Duty

It is the “Islamic duty” to fight for the liberation of Palestine. Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said this in a television speech on Friday.


In doing so, he is handing out a new sneer to arch-enemy Israel, which has held part of Palestine for decades.

“The goal of this battle is to liberate the entire Palestinian country,” Khamenei said in a televised speech.

Just before that speech, Iran was accused by Israel of multiple cyber attacks on Thursday. About a thousand Israeli websites were hacked then.

The United States, a staunch ally of Israel, was also beaten. “The policy of normalizing the presence of Zionism in the region is one of the major US policies,” said Khamenei.

Therefore, according to him, “everyone should fill the hand of the Palestinian warrior and back his right.”

Israel celebrates Jerusalem Day on Friday. Then it is observed that East Jerusalem fell into Israeli hands in 1967.

Iran is celebrating Al-Quds Day at the same time this year. That protest day is devoted to resistance to Israel and Zionism and is also a statement of support for Palestine. Al-Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem.

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