Diesel Scandal Lawsuit: Volkswagen Has to Reimburse Customer After Cheating

The German car manufacturer Volkswagen must primarily repay a customer who had bought a diesel car with cheating software.


That is the decision of the Federal Court of Justice, the highest court in Germany. The ruling could affect tens of thousands of other similar lawsuits pending in Germany. And also in our country.

The decision by the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe is the first judgment in a lawsuit brought by a customer against Volkswagen since the diesel scandal broke out about five years ago.

It then came to light that Volkswagen had installed cheat software in diesel cars to manipulate emissions tests, so the cars emitted less during those tests than they did on the road.

A man from the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate had asked for a full refund of 31,500 euros for the car he bought in 2014.

The judge in Karlsruhe partially commented on this and ruled that Volkswagen should partially reimburse the complainant, which amounts to damages of EUR 25,600.

That is the purchase price minus the loss of value due to the kilometres that have already been driven. The owner may also return his Volkswagen.

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