Remarkable Christmas Message from Johnson: Don’t Argue Too Much!

In his Christmas message, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on his countrymen to “not argue too much.”


In a video message, in which he does not use the word Brexit once and does not explicitly refer to the British departure from the EU, Johnson praises “this special period of the year”.

In the video, he said: “we, whatever happened before, have the opportunity to celebrate everything good in the world and to spend time with family and friends’.

The prime minister, with a giant Christmas tree in the background, calls on the country to think about the past year and “celebrate the good things that have happened”, then add: “try not to argue too much to do with your in-laws, or with any other person ‘.

Johnson also asks his countrymen to “remember Christians from all over the world who are victims of persecution.”

“For them, it will be a Christmas in secret, perhaps even from a prison cell,” said the British Prime Minister.

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