Dad Arrested for having a Baby with His Daughter

Dad Arrested for having a Baby with His Daughter. The 37-year-old Gregory Michael St. Andre from Michigan says he has no idea what his 20-year-old daughter – who gave birth to his son in February – did with the cup of sperm he gave her.


Family members tell a different story. St. Andre would have had an incestuous relationship with his daughter for years. , It is total madness, says an aunt to eMedium.

The wife of St. Andre recently took her suspicion to the police in Warren, Michigan. She told the police officers that she and family members had for years suspected the sexual abuse of her daughter. , We have been struggling with this for years ”, her sister, Michelle Truszkowski, told WJBK News. , It has been going on for years, they even have a son together. ” According to the woman, the whole situation is slowly destroying the family.

Earlier attempts by St. Andre’s eega to address the case failed. According to the woman, who has already applied for the divorce, the incest would last for at least five years. After her declaration, an investigation was made, and the father was arrested. St. Andre was released on bail earlier this month, but when a DNA test revealed that he was the father of his daughter’s son, the judge raised it from $ 5,000 to $ 60,000.

According to St. Andre, he never had sex with his daughter. What she did with his seed, which he gave her in a coffee cup, is a mystery to him. “I have no idea what she did with it,” he told the police. However, messages from the suspect’s phone show something completely different, according to the police. The judge has now prohibited St. Andre, who bothered the young woman and her friend after his provisional release, from contacting him.

“He has understood the message,” said the public prosecutor in the abuse case, who wanted the deposit to be withdrawn. If it is up to the family, St. Andre would not walk around freely either. “This is a disgusting incest case, and he should not be at liberty,” Truszkowski says. The case against the man, who is charged with two cases of incest and criminal sexual contact, begins June 26.

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