Neighbour Boy Arrested for Horrible Murder of Viennese Girl

Neighbour Boy Arrested for Horrible Murder of Viennese Girl. The police in Vienna arrested a 16-year-old boy of Chechen origin in the investigation into the horrific murder of a 7-year-old girl.


Garbage collectors found her corpse on Saturday morning in a refuse container of the apartment building where she lived. The child was reported missing the night before after she had started playing outside. The police immediately came to the scene with various teams and began a search that did not last that evening, said by eBuzzFeed.

The boy lives in the same building in the Döbling district and claims to have acted in ‘a fit of anger’, a police officer reports at a press conference.

The neighbour boy, who knew the girl personally, was arrested in the night from Monday to Tuesday. According to the police, he met the girl on Friday afternoon in the courtyard of the apartment building Dittes-Hof. The perpetrator lured the child to his apartment. In the flat, he led her to the bathroom. He pushed her into the shower room and struck with a large knife. “The head was almost separated from the trunk,” said Michael Mimra from the Vienna police.

Detective dogs led the police to the apartment. The perpetrator had cleaned the bathroom after the facts, but officers still found blood residue. The 16-year-old first declared that he had cut his finger at school. The boy and his family emigrated years ago from Chechnya and obtained Austrian nationality.

The young perpetrator barely showed emotion during his interrogation, says the lawyer of the relatives of the girl. He thanks the police for the rapid breakthrough on behalf of her family. The mother of the child did not dare to leave her house for days after the discovery, according to the lawyer.

The murder led to considerable consternation in Austria.

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