Israel is Now Overloaded with Criticism

Israel is Now Overloaded with Criticism. After the Palestinian massacre at the Israeli border, the world calls for an international investigation. Turkey rejects the ambassador of Israel; South Africa calls back his ambassador, posted by News Tribune.


While the Palestinians are burying the 60 people who were killed in the violence along the Israeli border, the call for an international investigation sounds loud. Dozens of countries condemn the “excessive violence” that the Israeli security apparatus used against the Palestinian demonstrators who were hoping against the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem.

Thousands of Palestinians met in processions in the Gaza Strip yesterday, the Palestinian area where the Hamas movement is in charge. Some waved Palestinian flags, others called for revenge.

Last Monday was the most violent day since 2014 when Israel invaded the area. The emotions also rose high because the Palestinians commemorated the Nakba (literally: catastrophe): the beginning of their diaspora in 1948. At the foundation of the state of Israel, more than 700,000 people were expelled from their homes.

Fearing new demonstrations along the border, in which the Palestinians also used burning car tires and threw firebombs and stones, Israeli troops had again gathered. The number of demonstrators, however, was small due to the funerals and the commemoration, but back there were deaths when one of the soldiers opened fire.

Israel and the United States blamed Hamas for the massacre of the day before yesterday. According to the Israeli army, the violence was provoked by Hamas. Among the victims would be at least 24 Palestinian militants with a documented terrorist background. Eight of them tried to break civilians through the fence along the border, according to the Israeli army. They would have thrown grenades and shot.

The United States also points to ‘militant Palestinian movements’ with an accusing finger. But unlike a series of other countries, including in Europe, the US government does not mention the violence used on the Israeli side.

In Belgium emotions are running high because the Israeli ambassador Simona Frankel has called all the dead in Gaza ‘terrorists’. She refuses to offer her excuse. “I would not know why. I regret every dead person, but I insist that Hamas has manipulated these people, ” said the ambassador.

Turkey, one of the fiercest critics, has made an offer to include injured Palestinians for treatment. In the violence, 2,700 wounded, some of them severe.

The Turkish Minister of Health, Ahmet Demircan, said yesterday that work was being done on an ‘air bridge’ to convey injured people. They could not be well cared for in Gaza due to the lack of health care as a result of the blockade of the Palestinian territory, which has been going on for ten years.

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