Boris Johnson Wants ‘Pragmatic Brexit’ And Fears ‘No Deal’

Boris Johnson wants ‘pragmatic Brexit’ and fears ‘No Deal.’ Boris Johnson, a prominent “Brexiteer” and former mayor of London, says he wants a “pragmatic Brexit”.


At the same time, the country must also prepare for a ‘no-deal Brexit’ as negotiating tactics.

“The idea to get a good deal is to prepare for a” no deal, “said Johnson at a conference in Interlaken, Switzerland.

“To get things concluded, you have to be prepared to walk away,”.

In recent years, the European Union has continuously announced that it will not renegotiate the Brexit conditions.

Johnson was briefly a foreign minister in Theresa May’s cabinet.

He is currently seen as an excellent contender to take over from her.

Johnson thinks the British will leave the EU on October 31, with or without a deal.

That date is the current deadline.

Johnson also states he thinks a second referendum is a “very bad idea” that would divide the country.

The person taking over from May must take the land beyond the Brexit,

¬†says Johnson: “Knit an end to the Brexit, bring things back to normal. We can do that.”

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