US President Donald Trump Writes Angry Letter to Democrats: Democracy is Your Enemy

US President Donald Trump, in an angry letter, addressed to President of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and the entire Democratic party, spit on the impeachment proceedings against him.


Tonight, the House will also vote to see if the president is actually “impeached”.

“You have made the hideous word” impeachment “a cheap term!” Writes Trump.

The letter from the president is a six-page long rant about why the impeachment procedure of Democrats against him is total nonsense.

He also warns that, according to him, the entire spectacle will break up Democrats badly in the elections next year.

The deed of accusation, which the house will vote on today, has been taken completely apart, according to the president. Its first element, abuse of power, refers to pressuring Ukrainian President Zelensky for his political gain.

Trump dismisses the indictment with the words: “You know I had an innocent conversation with the President of Ukraine. Every time I speak to a foreign leader, I put America’s interests first, just like I have done with President Zelenski. “

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