US Moves Military Headquarters From Germany to Belgium

The United States is relocating its military headquarters in Europe from Germany to Belgium. The move is part of the previously announced removal of troops from Germany.


Washington removes nearly 12,000 of the 35,000 military personnel stationed in Germany.

The United States Department announced on Wednesday that about 6,400 troops will return to America and that some 5,400 troops will be stationed elsewhere in Europe.

US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper stated that the operation will cost several billion euros and can start in a few weeks. The soldiers who remain in Europe go to bases in Poland, the Baltic states, Italy and Belgium. These are ground troops and air force.

President Donald Trump had already announced the transfer of troops. He believes that Germany spends too little on NATO. He further accuses the country of benefiting from trade with the US.

According to German media, soldiers are taken from three bases in the state of Bavaria. Americans also depart from Spangdahlem Air Base in the Eifel in Rhineland-Palatinate where F-16 fighter jets are stationed.

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