McDonald’s Has Suffered A Lot in Coronavirus Measures

Fast food chain McDonald’s suffered a lot in the past quarter from the corona measures that applied in many countries.


Comparable sales were also hit severely. During the quarter, recovery was visible, and 96 percent of all McDonald’s stores worldwide were open again by the end of June, although measures may still limit capacity.

Comparable sales, with McDonald’s looking at revenue from restaurants open in the past thirteen months, were nearly a quarter lower. In the United States, that decline was only 8.7 percent.

A large number of drive-thru restaurants in the US and the recent commitment to hamburger delivery meant that McDonald’s in the home market suffered relatively little damage.

The figures also show that the low point for the hamburger chain was in April. In the US, comparable sales fell by nearly a fifth, internationally by two thirds less. Two months later, the decline was 2.3 percent in the US and 18.4 percent globally.

McDonald’s total revenue in the second quarter was $ 3.7 billion, of which $ 483.8 million remained in profit. Last year, sales of $ 5.4 billion were made in the same period with a profit of $ 1.5 billion.

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