Twitter Further Intensifies Conflict With Trump, Accusing President of Lies

Twitter is further rampaging the conflict with Donald Trump today by accusing the US President of spreading falsehoods.


The social network refers to tweets from Trump about his Prime Minister of Defense James Mattis.

It is the umpteenth conflict in just two weeks between the President of the United States and his favourite social network.

Trump spoke negatively about Mattis via Twitter yesterday, calling him “the most overrated general in the world.”

“I asked for his resignation and felt great about it,” said the President of the United States, who further taught his former minister and wrote that he nicknamed Mattis himself “Mad Dog” because he was not satisfied with his other nickname ‘Chaos’.

The tweets are no doubt a response to Mattis’ open letter in the literary-cultural magazine The Atlantic, in which he calls Trump “a threat to the constitution.”

However, in a news story of its own, Twitter points out that in reality, Mattis resigned himself and that he had his nickname long before Trump became President.

Twitter later published an “Event”, a summary of a news item users see when they press the search button. Furthermore, the overview was also distributed via the “What is happening” box on the Twitter website.

In an Event, Twitter provides an overview of the tweets involved and its own background information, which is supported by tweets from journalists and news organizations, among others.

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