Trump to Remove Hunting Ban on Young Bears and Wolves

The U.S. government has removed the ban on hunting young bears and wolves in the state of Alaska.


In doing so, President Donald Trump partially reverses a measure taken by his predecessor Barack Obama.

The Obama administration had banned this hunting from all U.S. states. Under the new law, the federal government is not responsible, but the Alaskan government is free to determine hunting rules.

Alaska hopes that by relaxing the rules, which will take effect on July 9, more people will migrate to the remote state for recreational hunting.

Re-allowing, the killing of young animals has caused lousy blood for nature and animal protection organizations.

For example, hunters are allowed to install bear clamps again. They are known to trap many young animals and not survive.

“The government has reached a shockingly new low in its treatment of wildlife.

Allowing bear cubs and wolf cubs to kill in their burrows is barbaric and inhumane, “said Jamie Rappaport Clark, president of the Defenders of Wildlife organization.

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