Volkswagen Has Apologized for A Racist Commercial on Instagram and Facebook

The management of Volkswagen has apologized for a racist commercial on Instagram and Facebook.


In the video, a dark-skinned man is held away from the new Golf 8 by a large white hand, and then the man is pushed into a cafe called “Petit Colon,” or Little Settler.

In addition, the letters N, G, E and R appear on the screen: critics say this is an apparent reference to the words nigger and negro.

The ad was quickly removed after the fuss. Topman Jürgen Stackmann, responsible for advertising among other things at the car manufacturer, confessed at a meeting in Frankfurt that “a racist video” was made.

“I take responsibility for that. I am going to ensure that staff receive sensitivity training,” says Stackmann.

From now on, a committee expressly composed of diversity will monitor VW’s advertising policy.

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