Trump Campaign 2020 Works With Former Employees Of Cambridge Analytica

Trump Campaign 2020 works with Former Employees of Cambridge Analytica. The Trump campaign, which deals with the re-election of US President Donald Trump in 2020, works with a data company that employs former employees of the controversial Cambridge Analytica, writes Vital News.


The company, Data Propria, is led by Matt Oczkowski, a former Cambridge Analytica employee, reports the American news agency AP.

Also, three other Cambridge Analytica employees work at Data Propria, including the former head of data science at Cambridge Analytica.

Two reporters from AP heard Oczkowski say that he is working with the campaign manager of the Trump campaign on “the work of the president for 2020”.

Oczkowski confirmed to the news agency for Republican campaigns in 2018 to work, but denies ties with the Trump campaign of 2020.

The man led at Cambridge Analytica, the data team that worked on the Trump campaign of 2016.

Data Propria, like Cambridge Analytica, specialises in a targeted approach to voters and consumers to influence them.

Cambridge Analytica and its parent company SCL were suspended in May after the scandal with Facebook data.

Campaign manager Brad Parscale, who was also in charge of the Trump campaign in 2016, tells AP that no contracts signed yet with third parties for the 2020 campaign.

Oczkowski says that the former Cambridge Analytica employees at Data Propria are not involved in drawing up psychological profiles.

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