Spain Again Reports A Higher Number of Daily Deaths From the New Coronavirus

Spain again reports a higher number of daily deaths from the new coronavirus. The official death toll has increased by 244 deaths on Wednesday.


Besides, the Ministry of Health in Madrid reported 996 new cases of infection.

The total Spanish death toll comes to 25,857 and is therefore slightly faster. On Tuesday, 185 new deaths were reported, slightly more than the numbers in the days before.

The total number of infections is 220,325. The increase in that number did decrease. Madrid reported 1318 new contamination cases on Tuesday.

Spain has been gradually easing lockdown measures for several weeks. As long as Spaniards wear a mask, they can travel by public transport again.

Since Monday, people can order and pick up at cafes and restaurants. Since Saturday, the Spaniards have been allowed to go outside again for cycling, running or any other sport.

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