Ryanair to Court for Swedish Aid for Aviation

Budget airline Ryanair has filed a complaint against the European approval for the Swedish aid to the airline SAS.


The Irish price fighter believes that it was unfairly disadvantaged by the conditions attached to that state aid.

Sweden guaranteed EUR 455 million in loans to airlines, the lion’s share of which goes to SAS. The condition for the aid was that airlines had to have a Swedish license on 1 January.

This excluded Ryanair, which does operate flights in Sweden but has its planes flying from bases elsewhere, and is, according to the Irish company, in violation of the rules.

The European Commission approved the aid. The market watchdog announced that it will defend its decision in court. Ryanair complained with the European Court of First Instance.

Ryanair had previously announced it would challenge state aid to airlines.

Among other things, the State aid that Denmark provided to SAS and the French support to Air France have similar concerns from the Irish company.

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