Germany is Considering Taking An Interest in the high-Voltage Grid Operator TenneT

Germany is considering taking an interest in the German part of the high-voltage grid operator TenneT.


The biggest discussion point is whether it will be a majority or a minority interest, Der Spiegel reported without citing sources.

The German government denies speculation about TenneT. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced in Berlin on Friday that no decision has yet been taken on a possible purchase of shares by the federal government.

However, there are discussions between Germany and the Netherlands about cooperation in the expansion of the electricity networks. “How and in what form such cooperation can be developed has not yet been decided.”

According to Der Spiegel’s report, the reason for Germany to join TenneT is that the Netherlands is investing too little in the German part of the electricity network.

At least € 35 billion should be invested by 2028, Der Spiegel said.

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