Ryanair Recognises Forsa As The Only Union For Irish Cabin Crew

Ryanair recognises Forsa as the only Union for Irish cabin Crew. Airline Ryanair has agreed with Forsa stating that the union is the only party that is authorised to negotiate with Ryanair on behalf of Irish cabin crew.


That is what Ryanair announces Thursday. Forsa verifies the news.

Spokesperson Ashley Connolly calls the agreement “a milestone”.

She is talking about a “positive development”.

She expects that there will soon be an agreement between Ryanair and the cabin crew.

More than 65 percent of cabin crew are members of Forsa.

The budget company and trade union Forsa reached an agreement,

 earlier this month on the working conditions for Irish pilots,

 but that still has to be voted on. Details are not yet known.

International strikes
In Italy, Ryanair signed a collective agreement for pilots for the first time last week.

Ryanair has been in turmoil for more than a year with staff across Europe,

 requiring better working provisions and disapproval with the progress of the talks with the Irish company.

That led to two significant strikes and various smaller ones in recent months.

The Dutch cabin crew chose to stop last month.

Earlier the stewards and flight attendants in Belgium, Spain, Portugal and Italy put down the work.

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