Rihanna’s Carnival Outfit Has A Dutch Touch

Rihanna’s Carnival outfit has a Dutch Touch. During the annual carnival parade in Barbados, Rihanna, ambassador of ‘her’ island, wore a dress from Dutch fashion designer David Laport.


The singer stole the show during the Barbados Crop Over Festival in a pink ensemble made of feathers,

 with a pink mini dress underneath.

Laport, living and working in Amsterdam,

 is very honoured that the superstar wanted to wear his design, he tells in an interview.

“Last Monday we got an email from the stylist of Rihanna about the pink dress.

She had seen him on Instagram and asked if Rihanna could wear it during the annual carnival celebration in Barbados,

 which is always a huge happening.

Coincidentally, we didn’t have the dress in question in our studio in Amsterdam,

 because it was still stuck somewhere at the customs in America after it was used for a photo shoot,

 so then we just made a completely new dress for her, because of course, you go not selling a ‘no’ to such a star,

 we worked several nights with 5 men to get the outfit ready and then sent it to London where Rihanna would fit the dress.

Barbados, “said Laport.

Why the Rihanna stylist came to Laport, is, according to the Amsterdam designer,

 the fact that superstars of this calibre are always looking for something new.

“They want to surprise and be in the spotlight with something special.

That they have chosen my design is crazy, and I am delighted with it!” Laport shared a photo of Rihanna in his pink dress on his Instagram page,

 which can now also be seen on many international fashion and entertainment sites.

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