Lili Reinhart Congratulates Cole Sprouse with a Sweet Poem

Lili Reinhart Congratulates Cole Sprouse with a sweet Poem. It still seems like a piece of cake between Riverdale actors Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse.


Although it was whispered last month that the two are separate,

 Lili is sharing a self-written “sweet-hearted” poem on Cole’s birthday on Instagram.

“I tried to find a poem to send to you because I couldn’t find the words.

But I explored and found nothing that did you justice,” writes 22-year-old Lili to her now 28-year-old sweetheart.

“All these love poems are wrong.

No one’s words will ever fit.

They don’t know the richness that it is to love you.”

Last month ‘well-informed sources’ claimed it was over and out between the two. “BREAKING.

A reliable source has confirmed that you don’t know anything about it,”

 the actress then responded to the gossip.

Lili and Cole, who also play a set in the Riverdale series, have been together since July 2017.

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