Reese Witherspoon Testifies Against An Ex

Reese Witherspoon testifies against an ex. Reese Witherspoon (43) will testify in the lawsuit against her former Ryan Phillipe (45).


He is accused of mistreatment by his former girlfriend, Elsie Hewitt.

Elsie demands a million dollars from Ryan.

She alleges that he threw her down the stairs at his home in 2017 after they fought a party.

The actor denies that and states that Elsie attacked him on the evening in question.

According to reports, Reese is scheduled for testimony during the civil lawsuit Elsie filed against Ryan.

The Big Little Lies actress will probably be a ‘character witness’,

 someone who tells more about the personality of those involved.

From 1999 to 2007, they were married and had two children together,

 the now 20-year-old Ava and son Deacon, who is fifteen.

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