Elton, John Looked Dead In The Eyes

Elton, John looked Dead in the Eyes. Elton John (72) has had a near-death experience. He tells about it in his new Me biography.


Elton John is said to be “24 hours away from death” after an infection he received after surgery for prostate cancer.

He then prayed: “Please don’t let me die.

Please show me my children, again.”

It happened in 2017 when the prostate cancer detected by a routine check was treated.

The operation was a success, but ten days later, he got hurt during a performance.

His lymph nodes also secreted something.

A while later he returned from a tour in South America,

 and he began to vibrate a lot on the plane.

He said he felt “worse than ever”.

And “given the hangovers I had in the 70s and 80s, that means something”.

he was so severe, was told at the hospital “that they didn’t even have the equipment to help me.”

He was eventually assisted in another place with a second operation,

 in which they removed the fluids from his lymph nodes.

He was told that he would have suffered a severe infection in South America,

 and he would have died if had not been operated on time.

John knows he can praise himself, fortunately, but at the time, he didn’t feel that way.

He always wondered “if I would die”.

Because of this experience, Elton John has decided not to go on tour anymore – hence his current farewell tour – and to spend more time with his family.

On tour, “he writes. “Music was the most amazing thing,

 but it’s not as nice as Zachary talking about what happened during soccer practice.”

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