Piers Morgan on the Warpath: Prince Harry is the Most Racist Royal

After Piers Morgan was already very negative about Meghan in the interview with the American Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, the former Good Morning Britain host is now also giving Prince Harry a lot.


According to Morgan, Harry has always been the most racist, something for which he even had to apologize publicly.

In their interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Meghan said that someone in the royal family would have asked them how dark their son Archie’s skin tone would be. Meghan, daughter of a black mother and white father, experienced this as ‘very painful’. The couple did not reveal who the person in question was, something that has been conjectured to date.

According to Morgan, there is no racism within the British royal family. “I have met the family several times, and I am sure that none of them would make such a comment. Prince Harry had to apologize for belittling a British soldier of Pakistani descent with a very insulting term.

In addition, he went to a dress-up party in a Nazi outfit, also very wrong. That may explain his hatred towards the British tabloids because they were on top of it and published photos of that party.”

“No member of the family outside of Harry has had to answer for racist statements, so, ironically, he and his wife are now accusing the royals of racism. The way they have brought it out now is too easy. You stoke a fire but leave it there. I’ve said it before: if someone in that family said these things, say who it was. But they don’t, because it’s not true. It is pure mood-making.”

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