KLM Gets Even More Competition on Route to Dubai

KLM Gets Even More Competition on Route to Dubai. There is no evidence of illegal state aid for the three Gulf airlines. KLM competitor Emirates can, therefore, open a third daily flight between Amsterdam and Dubai this winter, reports Right News.


Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Authority, VVD) writes this to the House of Representatives. This is the principal time that the government is openly speaking about one of the significant issues in global aviation. The position is a painful setback for KLM. Just last Tuesday, the House of Representatives had adopted another motion to protect KLM against Emirates’ competition.

In both the United States and Europe, ascertained companies and trade unions have been campaigning for years against allegedly unfair competition from Emirates and Etihad from Dubai and Abu Dhabi (both United Arab Emirates, UAE) and Qatar Airways from Qatar. These Gulf carriers have gained a lot of market share over the past ten years with many aircraft, low ticket prices and excellent service.

Their growth is possible thanks to banned subsidies from their wealthy governments, say the competitors. They insist on measures in Washington and Brussels. Two weeks ago, an attempt by the Netherlands, among others, failed to act harder in a European context.

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