French Railways Give Approved Travellers Corona Wristbands

French railways have hired other service providers to streamline ‘health pass’ checks at stations. A private company is already checking whether train passengers can start their journey corona free. They get a wristband. On the first day, Monday, it’s a blue one.


The inspectors of the railway company SNCF then see on the platform that they no longer have to check for the coronavirus before boarding.

Since Monday, proof that one has been vaccinated against, tested negative for or cured the coronavirus is also mandatory for longer journeys by train or bus. Thus, it has placed the transport companies with a huge additional task.

According to French media, there are not enough inspectors, especially now that so many French people are on holiday. But according to the Secretary of State for Transport, Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, every effort is being made to carry out as many checks as possible.

He expected that all travellers on one in four long-distance trains would be checked on Monday. There are not only checks before boarding, but also on the trains and after arrival.

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