Fitbit is Now Part of Google

Fitbit, the maker of sports and health wearables, has been acquired by Google. Both companies will continue as a single entity more than a year after the initial appointments, although the antitrust approvals are not all in yet.


Fitbit is officially part of Google. The company reports this on its blog, and it is also sent in an email to the users of the devices.

In the message, signed by CEO and co-founder James Park, Fitbit emphasizes that the accounts and apps will continue to run and that you will be able to use the devices via third parties after the acquisition.

Anyone who links their wearable to other apps – we think of the Strava loop app, for example – can therefore continue to do so.

Google announced its plans to acquire the wearable maker in 2019 but had to wait for approval from various antitrust authorities.

The possibility that the deal would combine the personal data that Fitbit collects about your sports and sleep activities with the massive amount of data that Google already has about most people was a cause for concern.

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