Don’t Miss These Interesting Facts about Flat Roof

A flat roof and slant roof are the only two options that homeowners are familiar with. However, most areas with average weather conditions opt for a flat roof that is more often made with concrete or other construction material.

A flat roof is the most popular and widespread option. However, for harsh weather areas, slant roofs are considered. Still, many of you don’t know some of the interesting facts about flat roofs. This article will teach you some facts that you haven’t heard till today.

 Fact 1: Flat Roofs are not 100% Flat

Many of you might think that a flat roof means all roof corners have the same height from the ground level. Interestingly, this isn’t the truth. The flat roof looks flat but is given an unnoticeable slope that allows easy runoff of water. This helps to keep the roof safe from still-water problems, which gives birth to numerous other issues. The slope is subtle that the normal person can’t notice it quickly.

Fact 2: Flat Roof Require Professionals for Installation & Maintenance

If you are planning to opt for a flat roof, you should know that it requires a professional roofing company. A-frame roof installation comes with DIY instructions. Hence, it can be installed by a newbie. However, flat roofs need a dedicated team of experts that follow precise safety and procedure for installation.

Simultaneously, repairing & maintenance of flat roofs requires roofing contractors. Roofers Edinburgh area are always available to inspect your roof and provide adequate treatment. Visit here to locate the distance.

Fact 3: Flat Roofs Can Have Insulation:

Insulation is highly recommended in roofing, but many people think a flat roof doesn’t have an insulation option. It is a misconception!

A flat roof can be insulated, offering energy efficiency to your building. You can contact your roof installer/contractor to find the best insulation option.

Fact 4: Flat Roof is highly Considered for Commercial Buildings

Yes, flat roofs are the most common preference for commercial buildings. The prime reason behind considering a flat roof is installing HVAC systems and other big machines on the roof, which helps to keep the building energy efficient. This option isn’t available with an inclined roof structure. Moreover, flat roofs are sturdy compared to A-frame roofs.

Fact 5: Flat Roof can survive for more than 2 Decades

Whether you have a flat roof on your house or commercial building, life expectancy is always considered before the investment. You will be amazed to know that the standard life of the flat roof is two decades, followed by timely inspection and maintenance. Skipping minor issues will undoubtedly, decrease the roof quality and minimize its lifespan.

Fact 6: Flat Roofs are Cost-Effective:

This is a big misconception that flat roofs are not cost-effective. Instead, there are multiple materials used in flat roof installation. Hence, based on your selection and preference, you can save a significant amount.

So, these are the facts that you might not know before reading this article. Do let us know which of the above points you know. Also, let us know other facts about flat roofs.

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