Do Harry and Meghan Give Their Plants Holy Water? This Doesn’t Feel Right for Us!

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle seem to have it again. Not with the British royal family this time, but with the natives of the United States. A local tribe suspects a couple of watering their gardens with “holy water”. This doesn’t feel right to us.”


Harry and Meghan have lived the California mansion since the much-discussed “Megxit” is built on land that once belonged to the Chumash tribe. The estate has several cold and hot springs and a series of underground streams that the local residents use to irrigate their gardens.

However, according to Eleanor Fishburn, the leader of the Chumash tribe, the water should not be used for that. “It is pure, ceremonial water. Holy to us. The idea of people in the area using it to water their plants really doesn’t feel right to us.”

Fishburn has already invited Harry and Meghan to sit together and discuss alternative options. “It would be great if they came so that we could explain our history and culture and how important that water is to us.”

However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have not yet responded!

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