China is Also Deploying Anal Corona Testing

China has also put anal corona tests into use. These can reportedly be more accurate than smears from the nose and throat.


The test method does lead to uncomfortable reactions on social media.

China responds to small-scale corona outbreaks by closing off areas and testing residents on a large scale. State media reports that residents of some Beijing neighbourhoods had an anal test with a swab last week.

The tests are already being used in quarantine centres.

A Chinese doctor explained to state channel CCTV that traces of the virus can be found longer in the anus than in the airways, but not all experts are enthusiastic. The Global Times newspaper writes that the revolutionary testing method is controversial.

A scientist from Wuhan University said that tests taken through the nose and throat are still the most efficient.

The testing policy jokes on social media. “I did two anal tests and then had to do a throat test. I was so worried the nurse would forget to get a new test stick,” wrote one user on messaging site Weibo. “I am so happy to have returned to China earlier,” commented another user.

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