Arrest Warrant for Turkish Criminal Who Plunges Government into Crisis

According to local media, the Turkish Public Prosecution Service has issued an arrest warrant against a criminal, which is causing severe problems for prominent Turkish figures, including President Erdogan, with all kinds of accusations.


The flamboyant Turkish criminal Sedat Peker has accused leaders of corruption and drug crime in recent weeks from a hotel room in Dubai with the help of social media.

He is widely followed on the internet. Peker’s video messages can count on fifty million viewers.

Due to the scandal Peker caused in parliament, Erdogan can no longer count on the full support of all parliamentarians of the Justice and Development Party (AK). He has actually lost his majority in parliament due to the ‘scandal oracle’.

Loyal supporters also wonder what is wrong in the country that has been dominated by Erdogan and his party for nearly twenty years.

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