Ariana Grande Finally Meets Her Great Idol Jim Carrey

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Ariana Grande finally Meets her great idol Jim Carrey. For Ariana Grande, a dream has come true.


The singer has met her childhood idol, Jim Carrey because she has a guest role in his comedy series Kidding.

“Thankful for a unique experience of my life,” Ariana writes on Instagram on Wednesday with a photo of her and the actor.

“Nothing is crazier than working and spending time with someone you already love and loves even before you could talk,” continues 26-year-old Ariana.

“What’s even crazier is discovering that this person is even more special,

 warmer and more cordial than you could have imagined.”

It was exceptional to be face to face with Jim.

“I have so much more to say, but I really can’t express it in words.”

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