Apple Consults With Valve About Deleted Steam Link App

Apple consults with Valve about deleted Steam Link app. Apple earlier this week, the Valve Valve App from App Store, after it was already allowed. Fortune News says, Apple is now discussing the situation with Valve.


That’s what Apple marketing leader Phil Schiller says in response to e-mails from angry Steam users, reports 9to5Mac based on a message shared on Reddit.

“We are discussing these issues with Valve and working on a way that Steam Link for iOS and Apple TV can appear that meets the guidelines of the App Store,” said Schiller.

With Steam Link, users can stream Steam games from their PC or Mac via their home network to their TV or smartphone.

According to Schiller, a reason for an app refused because it violates App Store guidelines. For example, the Steam Link app provides access to the Steam game store.

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Apple’s rules state, however, that all sales of software on an iOS device have to run through Apple, with the company requesting 30 percent commission.

However, this does not happen via the Steam Link app. Although the network connection to the PC also has access to the Steam game store, only games are accessible for PC or Mac and not software that can play on iOS.

Gamers are unhappy because Apple initially had already allowed the app to enter the App Store, as a result of which Valve had previously declared the appearance of Steam Link for iOS and Apple TV. Then the app was still banned from the App Store.

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