World Champion Hamilton Has A New Goal in Formula 1

For Lewis Hamilton, next season in Formula 1 is no longer just about winning races. The seven-time world champion has a new goal, he said at the new Mercedes car presentation.

“I am in the fortunate circumstance that I have achieved almost everything I wanted to achieve,” said the 36-year-old Brit, who has recently become Sir Lewis Hamilton. “Previously, winning championships was my main goal; now that is to fight for equality, diversity and inclusion.”

Hamilton captured his seventh world title in Formula 1 last season, equaling the record set by Michael Schumacher. This year, the Mercedes leader will be on the hunt for number 8. It was only a month ago that he extended his contract with Mercedes until the end of 2021. Part of the deal is forming a charity that will support more diversity and inclusion in motorsport.

“It is no longer necessary for me to look far ahead,” said Hamilton. “I just wanted to sign for one year. We talked a lot about equality and things like that last year. This year it is important to make sure that it will happen. That is my main goal. But here at Mercedes, we are all born to win. All men and women here at the factory work very hard for that. It’s great to see the new car and be here at the factory again.”

Hamilton sees his Finnish teammate Valtteri Bottas as his biggest rival on the track. “He’s tough to beat.” The Briton thinks that Red Bull with the Mexican Sergio Pérez as Max Verstappen’s new teammate has a better duo than last year when Alexander Albon formed the drivers’ couple with the Dutchman. “Red Bull now has a more muscular duo.

A breath of fresh air is also blowing at Ferrari, and Sebastian Vettel brings experience and expertise to Aston Martin. It will be another exciting year.”

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