WHO: AstraZeneca Vaccine News is Encouraging

It is “encouraging” news that AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine is up to 90 percent effective, the World Health Organization responds to the announcement of the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company.


WHO chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan is looking forward to the study data, “as with the other promising results of recent weeks.”

Both Pfizer and Moderna recently reported that their vaccines are effective in 95 percent of the subjects.

Swaminathan is pleased that AstraZeneca is making efforts to make the vaccines affordable and easy to store.

AstraZeneca is working with the University of Oxford to develop the potential Covid-19 vaccine. Test results among 20,000 volunteers showed that the drug was effective in 70 percent.

In subjects who first received a half dose and later a full dose of the vaccine, the effectiveness increased to 90 percent.

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