UK Retail Industry: More Visas Needed for Foreign Drivers

The UK retail trade association wants the government to provide even more work visas to foreign truck drivers to combat the dire shortages of truckers.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last weekend that he would issue 5000 temporary work permits to foreign truck drivers.

But according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) retail trade association, that is not enough. The organization warns of delivery problems ahead of the holiday season and “disappointment for millions of British households” because products are unavailable. Additional drivers are needed for all retail sectors, according to the BRC.

Moreover, it will take many months before enough British drivers are trained to make up for the shortage, the organization thinks. That is why the duration of those visas should also be extended. They now run until Christmas Eve.

The British army has now been put on the readiness to help with the fuel crisis in the United Kingdom. There is a shortage of petrol and diesel at filling stations because too few truck drivers supply them. The problems are compounded by Britons flocking to pumps to stock up for fear of running out of fuel.

Britons are now being urged to prioritise people working in care and education when refuelling so that the long wait does not disrupt their work at gas stations.

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