UK Competition Authority Investigates Apple’s App Store

The UK competition authority has started an investigation into Apple’s app store. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) does so after complaints that the American tech group applies ‘unfair and anti-competitive conditions for app developers.


Users of iPhones and iPads can only install third-party applications on their smartphone or tablet via the App Store, according to Apple itself, for security reasons. Apple collects commissions of up to 30 percent on purchases through the app store. In addition, the group prohibits developers from using alternative payment methods.

Many developers find this way of working unfairly. For example, Apple has been at odds for months with the largest music streaming service Spotify and with Epic Games, maker of the popular game Fortnite, among other things.

Apple emphasizes in response that its App Store is a ‘success engine’ for developers because the store creates a level playing field for them and protects users against malware and data collection without permission.

Apple says in a response that it will cooperate with the CMA investigation. Last year, the European Commission also opened an investigation into the App Store.

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