The Area in Germany With Many Corona Infections is Again in Lockdown

In Germany, a local lockdown has been introduced for the first time since the relaxation of the corona measures.


The Landkreis Gütersloh, a district with about 360,000 inhabitants in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, will close until June 30.

It concerns the area where the meat factory Tönnies is located, which has turned out to be a source of contamination. A total of 1,500 infections have already been registered there.

Cinemas, cafes and fitness halls close, but you can still go to a restaurant, albeit only with members of the same household. Schools and nurseries were already closed.

The neighbourhoods around the meat factory Tönnies, where many workers – often foreign workers – live, had already been quarantined.

The police are deployed there to check whether quarantine is being complied with.

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