Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: World War III can Only be Nuclear War

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accuses the West of thinking about the nuclear war against Russia. “This idea lives in the minds of Western leaders, not the Russians.”


According to Lavrov, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is justified because “President Zelensky rules a society where Nazism is rampant.” Lavrov also claimed that gangs are looting Ukrainian towns and cities and that the Ukrainian military is “using civilians as human shields.” “People shouldn’t just watch the Hollywood movie as it’s written by the western media, where there’s a big bad guy.”

Lavrov also said US President Joe Biden has argued that the only alternative to Western sanctions would be World War III, warning that “World War III can only be a nuclear war.” Lavrov did claim that that prospect “exists only in the minds of Western politicians, not in the minds of the Russian people. If war really breaks out against us, then those who plan such plans should think carefully about it. And yes, I think such plans are really being made.”

Lavrov also compared the United States to Hitler. “In the past, Napoleon and Hitler had the goal of subjugating Europe. That’s what the Americans are doing now.” For example, he points to Germany’s refusal to approve the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline as proof of “Europe’s place” in its relationship with the US.

“I have no doubt that the crisis in Ukraine will be resolved,” Lavrov said. “But the conversation between Russia and the West must be based on mutual respect. Unfortunately, all the West is thinking about now is punishing Russia. NATO wants to remain supreme, and while Russia has a lot of goodwill, we can’t let anyone undermine our interests.”

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